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Welcome to Blais Veterinary Hospital & Clinic


Our veterinary team provides high quality care for your pet’s health and wellness, and client education to allow you to be an integral part of your pet’s care.  After all, you are your pet’s advocate for his or her well-being.  We provide one-on-one answers to your questions on pet care, behavior, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, dental care, and food choices for life-stages just to name a few.  We are here for you and your pets needs.


Each pet we see receives individualized care; like people, no two are the same. We take our time during your visit to ensure all of your concerns and questions have been addressed.  Our veterinarian, Douglas Blais VMD CVA CVH is certified in both Eastern and Western medicine.  This gives options for your pet’s care. Sometimes Western medicine, of which most of us are accustomed to, has limitations that can be addressed by Eastern medicine, and vice versa.  Eastern medicine is practiced with acupuncture and herbals as warranted by the condition being treated.   We keep a well-stocked pharmacy of medications and herbals to treat your pet for chronic conditions or recover from illness, and we follow up by checking on the progress of patients who visited for diagnostic exams to ensure their recovery is taking place as anticipated.


We welcome reptiles, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets as well as cats and dogs.  Our staff is compassionate and handles each patient with care and kindness. If you are searching for a veterinarian, our veterinary hospital and clinic would be pleased to assist you in caring for your special loved-one.

Our Services


We provide all vaccinations for dogs


Dental Care

Teeth Cleaning and Extractions

Learn how to brush your pets teeth


Thorough Examination of your pets:

Coat and skin

Eyes and Ears

Nose and Throat

Mouth, Teeth, and Gums

Legs and Paws

Heart and Lungs

Abdomen and G.I. System

Weight and Diet

Education for Care of your Pet

Surgeries for soft tumor removal, ear cropping, hernia repair,
C sections, spay and neuter,  etc.

We do provide emergency veterinary care during appointment hours; however, please call before arrival to ensure medical treatment.

In case we are not available, call AVETS at (412) 373-4200, a 24/7 facility and located in Monroeville, PA.


Acupuncture heals the problem, while many times long term Traditional

Western Medicine only masks and makes the issue bearable for the pet.  Veterinary acupuncture and herbs can help pets from hip and walking

challenges to behavioral stresses.  

If you have tried everything else for your pet and an issue has been lingering, give acupuncture a try. 

Hot spots, hair loss, scratching and biting skin, we can help.



107 Blais Rd

Indiana, PA  15701

Phone:  (724) 465-5264  

2nd P Line:  (724) 525-9943 

Fax:  (724) 465-0104



9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday and Wednesday

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM



9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Thursday and Friday




Our Veterinarian, Douglas R. Blais VMD CVA CVH, has served Indiana County pet owners and pets for over 30 years. He offers to patients a choice for traditional western medicine as other veterinary offices offer, but he

also offers a more holistic approach, too.  Dr. Blais is certified

in Veterinary Acupuncture and Veterinary Herbal medications. 

Our caring and professional staff are here for all your pet’s needs.  Our goal is to provide the best in professional care for your pet to have a happier life by your side.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit, Discover, Checks, Cash, and CareCredit.  Payment in full is due at the time services are rendered.  Thank you.

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